Strategy, Web & App Development, Product Management, Systems

Wanderlust is the world’s leading yoga event company, with 70+ events across the world.

I worked closely with Wanderlust since it’s inception in 2009, most recently serving as the Vice President of Technology. I was responsible for overseeing the company’s technology strategy, building the digital experiences, internal systems and IT.

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wanderlust web developer

I led the digital experience at Wanderlust, building all websites, digital products and apps.

Wanderlust produces yoga & wellness events in over 20 countries throughout the world. Working closely with agency partner Barrel NY and a team of developers, we built wanderlust.com, a custom WordPress multi-site, to serve as the global brand site.

The site includes a full suite of international features, enabling localized content that is translated and unique for multiple regions and countries, the ability to sync content across regions (to facilitate content management), as well as location-aware content display, to custom cater content to any given user.

With each project and every iteration of the website, I lead the budgeting, agency selection, strategy, information architecture, user experience design and project management.

iOS & Android

App Strategy & Implementation

Working with internal teams and app developer Avai Mobile, I lead the strategy, user experience and development of the “Wanderlust – Find Your True North” app.  The app, available for iOS and Android, serves as a digital program guide for events, allowing attendees to access tickets, browse maps, schedule classes and receive real time event information.

We created a fully branded experience on top of a proprietary framework. We added custom functionality to sync content across website and apps, location aware, interactive illustrated maps, and a custom Eventbrite API integration, to allow attendees to access tickets and check in with a unique QR code.

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Wanderlust TV

More than just events, Wanderlust launched a video-on-demand service, providing streaming yoga & wellness classes.

Over the years, the Wanderlust media arm grew out of a desire to engage with and continue a conversation with attendees on a more consistent (daily) basis.

What started as a platform for original article & video content, centered around yoga and wellness, evolved into a full fledged video-on-demand (VOD) platform.

In 2016, Wanderlust TV was born, with the goal of providing users worldwide with access to Wanderlust teachers, from the comforts of home or on the go.

From the start, I helped to conceive and launch the platform, and was responsible for research & development, overall strategy, technology platform, agency selection, product management, user experience and project management.

Wanderlust TV now boasts over 200+ classes, available for free and for purchase, streaming on desktop, mobile as well as iOS and AppleTV.