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Managing 50+ annual events, 80+ employees, offices in NYC and LA, partners, sponsors & vendors in 20 countries

Working closely with the CEO and internal departments, I lead the strategy, design, development and training of all IT systems. We developed centralized, cloud-based systems to streamline all aspects of the business, from sales and marketing, to finance, HR and event operations.  Key developments include: a custom ERP (enterprise ready platform), CRM, customer database, team communication and networking systems.

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Wanderlust Crm Zoho Consultant

ERP Design + Implementation

One of the most overlooked challenges of running a startup is developing good systems and processes.

As Wanderlust expanded over the years, employees and departments began to operate in silos, each developing its own set of systems and processes.

We needed a better way to plan, manage and execute 50+ events per year.

So we decided to use the Zoho Creator platform to create completely custom applications that catered to our highly specific needs.

Working with lead developer Tatiana Hanazaki and a team of developers, we developed a custom ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution to centralize, standardize and distribute information, as well as automate recurring business processes.

Some of the key applications include custom tools to handle: event management, contractor management, contract generation & distribution, vendor management, artist management, show scheduling, asset management and sponsorship management.

“Organize around business functions, not people. Build systems within each business function. Let systems run the business and people run the systems. People come and go but the systems remain constant”
– Michael Gerber

User + Process Flow Diagram

Staff Contracting & Management

New York ERP systems strategy implementation

This application is designed to handle the registration, hiring, contracting and management of over 1,500 artists, teachers, contractors, vendors, volunteers etc per year.

The system is designed to allow employees to register online. Once identification and documents are verified, the system automatically generates a job assignment and corresponding legal contract.

The legal contract is distributed to the various parties for online signature.

Once the legal contract is complete, the system generates a master staffing list for each event, and distributes payroll, lodging and other reports to the appropriate departments.

The system also records a work history for each individual, complete with their ID details and pay history.

Wanderlust CRM Design & Development NYC


I built the first CRM (Customer relationship management) solution for Wanderlust.

Initially, we developed a sales CRM using Zoho CRM, to streamline the entire sales cycle, and allow the team close deals in sales pipeline faster, as well as provide visibility to upper management.

Later, we developed other CRM solutions to power international licensees, studio partners and more.